Smart Grid, Delivered Now

Modernize Core Grid Processes
to Proactively Handle Changing
Operating Conditions Now and
in the Future

Customer Self Supply, progressive energy Policy, DERs, EV
Charging stations, data centres are transforming the
electricity grid, whereas ageing electrical infrastructure
poses additional challenges to the grid’s reliability.

Adaptix.Grid by Sensewaves is the first platform for the dynamic optimization of the electricity grid. It provides the necessary analytics and analysis tools to integrate the legacy with the new infrastructure, ensuring agility and flexibility of operations as well as grid sustainability both in the short and long-term.

Adaptix.Grid integrates Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithmic engineering to revolutionize the operations of the grid operator. The software takes advantage of the existing data residing in different silos within the utility and cross-references them to their maximum potential. Even in the case of low quality, incomplete data or under-monitored assets, our AI algorithms are capable of connecting the dots and providing grid operators with accurate, high resolution, end-to-end visibility into the connectivity, the energy flows, the congestion levels and the power quality at ANY point and asset in the grid.

Adaptix.Grid helps grid engineers understand their network and empowers them to make data driven, confident and timely decisions in every step of their workflow by overcoming known data-readiness-related setbacks in their ADMS & DERMS strategy implementation and enabling smart operations such as smart grid planning and reinforcement, performance asset management and predictive maintenance, outage prevention and fast DER integration.

Our promise is to bring, for the first time, complete, accurate and true visibility as well as situational awareness into the behavior and patterns of operation of the LV & MV grid, starting day one. Adaptix.Grid can be deployed and start adding value in a matter of weeks.


Accelerate your ADMS Strategy

Accurate Network Model

Infer automatically the grid topology of your grid with high
accuracy in weeks instead of years.

Full Visibility in the LV/MV Part of your Grid

Load flow estimates entirely based on AMI data can provide full visibility and situational awareness with zero hardware.

AI Context-Aware Asset Management

AI-powered asset management models that learn & adapt
automatically to the grid operator’s context, capturing the
impact of a multiplicity of parameters on asset failures.

Individualized Asset Health Analysis

Intergrade the historical load and congestion information for
each of your assets and fine tune the estimations of the
Duty and Reliability factors for a more realistic and individualized
assessment of your assets health condition.

Asset Interference & Connectivity Impact Estimation

Shed light into the role and impact of direct/indirect connections
to a failing asset or possible cascading events, into both the
short & long term health of your assets in the proximity area.


Full Grid Transparency & Situational Awareness

AI-powered, 0% hardware solutions for the distribution grid.

Connected GIS

Build and maintain connectivity data. Correct, enrich and help maintain grid GIS documentation.

Load Flow Analysis

Detect overloads, historical analysis, spot network’s strengths & weaknesses.

Grid Planning & Distribution Design

Grid simulation, expansion, planning & reinforcement. Weather & growth estimation.

Real-time Operations & Management

Load forecasting, outage alerts, load transfers and demand response.

Asset Health Analysis &
Failure Prediction

Failure prediction, criticality, Risk analysis. Root cause analysis, Health Indices, RUL.

Asset Investment & Maintenance Manager

Replacement, inspection and maintenance scenarios. Financial Analysis and reliability reports.