Enabling transition from network to smart system operations.

Customer Self Supply, progressive energy Policy, DERs, EV Charging stations, data centers are transforming the electricity grid, whereas aging electrical infrastructure poses additional challenges to grid’s reliability.

Adaptix.Grid is the first platform for the dynamic optimization of the electricity grid. It provides the necessary analytics and analysis tools to integrate the legacy with the new infrastructure, ensuring agility and flexibility of operations and short and long term grid sustainability.

Through novel, adaptive machine learning techniques, Adaptix.Grid correlates existing, sparse grid information, e.g. smart meter data from houses/buildings, to provide Distribution System Operators (DSOs) for the first time with accurate, high resolution, end-to-end visibility into the energy flows and congestion levels at any point/asset in the grid.

Sensewaves’ VirtualMDA technology enables grid operators to avoid costly and time-consuming installation of sensors and systems: Adaptix.Grid works with the sensors you already have in place to create virtual meters at non monitored points, to bring the IoT revolution to the grid. Its data driven insights help DSOs assess investment and operational risks, implement and justify interventions, optimise operations and ensure maximum grid efficiency at the minimum underlying cost.



Adaptix Grid at a glance


Load flow, Voltage & Power Quality Analysis

Gain awareness on your grid and full transparency on your assets behaviour. Adaptix.Grid constantly analyses Substations, secondary transformers, feeders, feeder sections, over/underground cables, switch gears, cable boxes, for their voltage performance, power congestion, upstream and downstream flows and heat losses. Get deep into the problematic sections/ assets of your grid, discover the root causes, evaluate the impact of the surrounding conditions and future risks and justify your actions. Your analyses are reliable and evolve dynamically as your grid expands. And most importantly, there is no need to place additional sensors on the grid. Using smart meter data alone, the accuracy of analysis is over 96% on average.

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