Asset Investment & Maintenance Manager

Multi-parametric co-optimization for maintenance, budgeting inspections, asset replacements and repairs.

Beyond predicting the asset failures correctly and pursuing targeted investments and maintenance in the grid, there is a large margin of optimization for the anticipated impact of the undertaken operations and their pertinence to the specific objectives of the asset management process. Given the large number of parameters to co-optimize (cost, reliability, financial statement optimization), this type of optimization is challenging and for the most part insufficiently dealt with.

Adaptix.Grid Predictive Maintenance Manager is a complete, Map-based environment for designing maintenance processes, budgeting inspections, asset replacements and repairs. Based on monetized risk metrics for every single grid asset and through the integrated AI algorithms for optimization, the module provides an enhanced environment for planning scenarios for interventions and for orchestrating regular & targeted maintenance and repairs with respect to multiple criteria simultaneously, such as SAIDI, OPEX and CAPEX (breakdown and replacement costs).

  • Map-based environment and granular, individualized asset feedback.
  • Based on individualized assessments for each asset from the Hybrid asset failure prediction module. 
  • Multi parameter co-optimization: the first software to allow for a simultaneous fine-tuning of the criteria for asset ranking, such as budget, SAIFI and number of interventions.

Fullfil your Objectives


Maximize ROI for Grid Assets


Improve SAIDI and SAIFI


Prioritize Inspections and Reduce Maintenance Costs


Optimise Grid Maintenance Procedures


Reduce Grid Energy Losses


Comply with Regulatory Demands for Asset Management