Hybrid AI Driven &
Functional Analysis Based
Asset Failure Prediction

Ensure optimal grid operation by reducing underlying costs and energy losses by up to 30%.

Adaptix.Grid’s Asset failure prediction module is an advanced, context driven asset management framework that provides an accurate predictive maintenance and asset investment solution for overhead lines, underground cables, transformers and other active and passive assets (switchgear, reclosers, poles).

Circumventing generalizations, the module has been designed in such a way as to automatically respond to the context of each specific electricity network. By identifying the role and impact that each functional, environmental and usage parameter has had in past asset failures, it can adjust accordingly their weight in the decision making process thus allowing far more accurate, realistic and truthful estimation of asset health conditions.

Adaptix.Grid’s AI-powered asset management models learn directly from and adapt automatically to the grid operator’s context, capturing the impact of various parameters on asset failures, leading to 10x more accurate asset failure predictions than those obtained through functional analysis modeling.


  • Accurate failure predictions for a number of dynamic (MV and HV transformers, overhead lines, underground cables, circuit breakers) and static assets (poles, joints) within the grid.
  • Proven, precise, asset failure prediction methodology based on AI. Trained to fit the context of the Distribution and Transmission grid for maximum accuracy.
  • Can work with the minimum of data
  • Customisable according to the user needs, regarding its parameters, functions and utility specific metrics.
  • Minimum data requirements – no asset monitoring equipment needed.
  • Root cause prediction and analysis.
  • Individualized Asset Health Analysis: realistic and individualized estimation of the asset health condition through the refinement of Duty and Reliability factors, as well as the estimation of the impact of asset interference to the asset health.
  • Collaborates with Adaptix.Grid’s Asset Investment & Maintenance Manager module for risk analysis and financial breakdown.
  • Integration with other financial or ERP tools.