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Network to Smart
System Operations.

Customer Self Supply, progressive energy Policy, DERs, EV Charging stations, data centres are transforming the electricity grid, whereas ageing electrical infrastructure poses additional challenges to grid’s reliability.

Adaptix.Grid is the first platform for the dynamic optimization of the electricity grid. It provides the necessary analytics and analysis tools to integrate the legacy with the new infrastructure, ensuring agility and flexibility of operations and short and long term grid sustainability.

Through novel, adaptive machine learning techniques, Adaptix.Grid correlates existing, sparse grid information, e.g. smart meter data from houses/buildings, to provide Distribution System Operators (DSOs) for the first time with accurate, high resolution, end-to-end visibility into the energy flows and congestion levels at any point/asset in the grid.

Sensewaves’ VirtualMDA technology enables grid operators to avoid costly and time-consuming installation of sensors and systems: Adaptix.Grid works with the sensors you already have in place to create virtual meters at non monitored points, to bring the IoT revolution to the grid. Its data driven insights help DSOs assess investment and operational risks, implement and justify interventions, optimise operations and ensure maximum grid efficiency at the minimum underlying cost.


Timely and Meaningful
Decisions in the
Context of your

  • Accurate impedance and load flow modelling of the entire grid
  • Flexible, fast and adaptive map views
  • User friendly interface and workflow
  • Congestion analysis and advanced time series analysis tools
  • Root cause analysis
  • Dedicated global, region, area and asset views
  • Integration with popular risk management tools, AMI & MDM systems

Adaptix Grid at a Glance

Load flow, Voltage & Power Quality Analysis

Gain awareness on your grid and full transparency on your assets behaviour. Adaptix.Grid constantly analyses Substations, secondary transformers, feeders, feeder sections, over/underground cables, switch gears, cable boxes, for their voltage performance, power congestion, upstream and downstream flows and heat losses. Get deep into the problematic sections/ assets of your grid, discover the root causes, evaluate the impact of the surrounding conditions and future risks and justify your actions. Your analyses are reliable and evolve dynamically as your grid expands. And most importantly, there is no need to place additional sensors on the grid. Using smart meter data alone, the accuracy of analysis is over 96% on average.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify the ageing grid assets that need maintenance or replacement based on ground truth data from their performance in the field. With the predictive maintenance tool, you can estimate the lifespan of any grid asset based not only on objective parameters such as its brand and age, but also on the way it behaves in the field, the stress conditions it undergoes and the role it is assigned to. Prioritise interventions such as repairs, asset swaps, replacements from inventory and new investments, according to severity and criticality KPIs and instantly increase your grid’s reliability and resilience at the minimum cost.

Artificially Intelligent (AI) Grid Planner & Renewables Integration

This tool revolutionises line dimensioning and grid planning by relaying decisions not on simulations but on grid field data. Through a complete simulation, emulation and AI environment, the asset manager can make accurate projections of the future instances of his grid; The evaluation includes the impact of aging assets, as well as evolving meteorological, economic and population growth parameters to power demand and DER supply. The AI planner automatically proposes options on asset reconfiguration, new investments and inventory to optimise current and future instances of the grid. The result of any implementation can start being evaluated on day+1 through Adaptix.Grid VirtualMDA technology in terms of optimised deployments of assets, lifespan maximisation and reduced losses.

Load Forecasting & Outage Prevention

Vastly improve the short term load flow prediction for entire regions and predict load and localised productions in the highest spatial and temporal resolution. Through Adaptix.Grid predictive engine that correlates field chronological data with weather forecast streams and other parameters, the operations manager can achieve multi-scenario predictions of load, congestion, voltage and other metrics at any point of the grid. Identify in advance increased risk and outage situations and take actions to increase resilience based on the previously predicted scenarios. Finally, through precise longer term forecasts at local and regional level, the system enables grid planners to configure the network to handle renewable integration with more flexibility and confidence.

Theft Detection

Electricity theft comes in many forms. By combining end-to-end load visibility with powerful machine learning for profiling and anomaly detection, Adaptix.Grid helps you pinpoint suspicious behaviour and discrepancies. Time and place of occurrence of Illegal connections, bypass or reading alteration theft are identified, maximising efficiency and preventing revenue loss.

Energy Loss Analysis & Grid Data Quality Assessment

In distribution networks, energy losses through cables and transformers in the form of heat can exceed 15%. This is mainly due to increased congestion levels. Data backed insights on the loss levels on your grid can identify key loss locations and periods, from a regional perspective down to the asset, annually or down to the minute. Estimate the financial impact of losses and evaluate grid optimisation impact on loss reduction. Work with Adaptix.Grid AI Planner’s recommendations to reduce congestion and minimize losses.

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