Time-Series analytics for the internet of things


Sensewaves provides Time-Series analytics for the internet of things. We make connected assets smarter by transforming raw sensor data into meaningful information via our web service. We complement existing IoT platforms and legacy systems providing the owners of industrial connected devices with impactful insights on their connected assets. Our solutions include predictive, behavioral, context and trend analysis for energy, e-health and lifecycle management applications.
Our initial focus is in providing context-aware anomaly detection in real-time for industrial, mission-critical applications.

Smart-meter data analyzed in real time, producing impactful insights for end-consumers in all situations. Allows an economical use of electrical energy for consumers, with personalized pricing & automated time shifting of consumption patterns.

Smart buildings

Anomaly detection mechanisms: allows smart building operators to diversify their activity with new products & services, such as preventive maintenance of expensive equipment and achieve greater energy cost reduction services to clients.

Water management

Impactful insights to allow a smarter use of water resources and increase cost efficiency. Through real-time analytics on smart-meter data throughout their network, water operators can assure at all times the quality of services.


Time-series analytics applied to medical and paramedical applications: data is combined with medical guidelines and patient profiles to reveal special care and advice, gaps in care and cost savings.

About Us

Loudspeakers for the voice of things
From soundwaves to sensewaves

Our roots come from a decade of work on sound waveform analysis at IRCAM -the leading institute in sound research. We created groundbreaking solutions in sound analysis algorithms, machine learning techniques and custom, time-series data indexing schemas, all of which is directly applicable to M2M and the IoT. We are advised by senior strategists in the IoT field, including the former Managing Director for ThingWorx.

We consider ourselves an International team based in France targeting globally, with members coming from 3 different countries and speaking 7 languages, sharing the passion for the IoT and disruptive technologies. As a team we demonstrate outstanding engineering/business study profiles, a strong academic record, research and teaching experience in EU level and a first-class work experience (Google, Parrot, Sanofi-Aventis).

  • Time Series

    Everything today is about time. We build our analytics on the idea that all events are time dependent, have a certain duration, a past, a present and a future.

  • Global company

    We are an International company, with global focus, speaking 7 languages and coming from 3 different countries.

  • Technology enthusiasts

    All team members – 3 engineers including 2 PhDs in machine learning and computer science and one marketing profile, share a passion for technology.

  • Environmental consciousness

    We work with all time series data with a special interest on energy and environment.

  • Agoranov
  • EDF
  • Endesa
  • Enel
  • Incense
  • Cisco EIR


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Web service Analytics for Business ready IoT data and impactful insights on the connected assets.
Impactful insights

We complement existing IoT platforms providing the owners of industrial connected devices with impactful insights on their connected assets.

Various Solutions

Our solutions include predictive, behavioural, context and trend analysis for different applications.

Different Platform Options

Historical Data Analysis, Predictive Analysis, User profiling and Anomaly Detection.

Easy to Customize

Our platform is combinable & customizable with graphic tools to design portions of a signal and save it as a pattern.

Edge-intelligent security

Thanks to a portable, pre-processing module, at the front-end of our system or at the gateway, the original data is transformed to meta-data that encrypt the content.

Awesome Engineers

Our products are based on a single knowledge representation layer and a dedicated search engine created by our engineers.

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Our Team

We are the sensewaves team!
Fivos Maniatakos
CEO & Co-founder
Tommaso Bianco
CTO & Co-founder
Côme Maestracci
VP Engineering & Co-founder
Sophie Papachristopoulos
VP Marketing

Advisory Board

Ken Forster
Head Advisor
Philip Stockdale
Strategic Advisor & Business Development