The first integrated
human/machine IoT analytics environment.

Adaptix augments human judgement and business expertise with sophisticated technological capabilities that deliver the most impactful and valuable information, when it’s needed most. Our unique solution is rooted in years of intensive academic research and rigorous innovation in artificially intelligent music systems. These systems listen to music and autonomously learn so they can improvise together with human musicians on stage.

As with sound signals and music, behind every IoT data stream lie an infinite number of stories. Adaptix sheds light on the ones that carry the most valuable insight to the user in the context of their business.

Optimized for Energy data, Adaptix reveals the hidden stories seen within today’s ever more complex Energy market. Forward-thinking Energy companies are adopting Adaptix to go beyond automation and finally connect computer logic with human expertise. It allows them to transform petabyte data streams coming from diverse sources into intelligence that is both timely and actionable.


What makes Adaptix different?

Timely and meaningful decisions in the context
of your business


Adapts to your needs

No need to spend time and effort chasing the right solution inside endless model libraries. Adaptix’s build-in, proprietary algorithms are designed to automatically adjust to both your data and the scope of your application. Performance and accuracy are achieved as early as day one.

The power of IoT analytics


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