Adaptive Solutions

Leverage Iot analytics to fully exploit
technologies at the edge
of the grid

The Energy landscape is reshaping: new microgrids, storage and renewable sources of energy are creating inverse energy flows while new consumers, including electric cars, are changing the overall consumption typology – and thus stress across the grid. Energy companies are finding optimizing operations, maintaining assets and mitigating threats more challenging than ever before.

To thrive in this new environment, participants in the Energy ecosystem – from Energy generation, transmission and distribution companies to utility, industrial and building management companies – must fully leverage distributed energy resources and other participatory technologies at the edge of the grid. Yet few IoT analytics solutions reveal the timely and meaningful business insights they need.

Adaptix was specifically developed to meet the needs of participants in the new Energy ecosystem. Its sophisticated data analytics instantly captures, analyses and interpret critical data from the edge of the smart grid.

Our solutions

Dynamic grid optimisation

Adaptix allows grid operators to leverage smart meters to improve service quality and save as much as 30% in operational cost with CAPEX investments as little as $0.

Adaptix constantly analyses data from smart meters installed at the consumer level to provide grid operators with end-to-end and up-to-date visibility into the flows on the upper layers and the corresponding stress on the distribution layers of the grid. Its data driven insights help them make and justify the investments and reconfigurations needed to ensure optimal grid operation. Operators are able to schedule interventions that ensure short and long term sustainability while reducing underlying cost and energy losses by up to 30% each.


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