Our “One Stop Shop” Solution
for Data Integration, Storage,
Management and Exploration.

Whether experimenting new ideas, deploying new applications or digitizing your business, there is a strong chance that data is a key first material in achieving your goal. However we know from experience that data is often harder to access than anticipated, due to silo-ed architectures, legacy systems and interfaces, and so on.

That is why we built Adaptix.Lake: our “one stop shop” solution for data integration, storage, management and exploration. Adaptix.Lake connects with your existing data infrastructure to collect data sets of multiple nature, size and formats, gathers them in one unified place and make it available for:

  • Extraction and visualisation in various formats.
  • Exploration, pre-processing and/or analysis experiments.
  • Integration into other platforms.

Its flexibility makes it the perfect platform for kickstarting a data project with minimal effort from technical teams and data scientists.

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