Streamline Operations and
Accelerate Decisions

The Electricity Grid landscape is reshaping: new micro-grids, storage and renewable sources of energy are creating inverse energy flows while new consumers, including electric vehicles, are changing the overall consumption typology – and thus congestion across the grid. Energy companies are finding optimizing operations, maintaining assets and mitigating threats more challenging than ever before.

To thrive in this new environment, participants in the Energy ecosystem – from Energy generation, transmission and distribution companies to utility, industrial and building management companies – must fully leverage distributed energy resources and other participatory technologies at the edge of the grid. Yet few IoT analytics solutions reveal the timely and meaningful business insights they need.

Adaptix.Grid was specifically developed to meet the needs of participants in the new Energy ecosystem. Its sophisticated data analytics instantly captures, analyses and interpret critical data from the edge of the smart grid.


Streamline Operations and
Accelerate Decisions

Oil and gas pipelines are the most cost effective and safe method of transporting gas and liquids across a country. There are many control and monitoring systems installed on pipelines producing gigabytes of data, however operational, security and safety challenges still result in loss of product / damage to the environment every year with the associated costs and adverse publicity.

The main challenges for pipeline operators and owners include aging pipeline infrastructure and integrity, physical damage to the pipeline through inadvertent or wilful attacks, and overall improvements in pipeline operational efficiency and throughput.

The existing control and monitoring solutions provide data on the status of the pipeline however alarms and reports generally only indicate when instrumentation shows overheating or over pressure but do not provide the underlying reasons. For leak detection and other applications there are also large numbers of false alarms, creating operational difficulties and lack of confidence in the monitoring systems.

Adaptix.Pipelines has been developed to analyse this existing data and correlate it with other data sources and historical events to help improve the overall operation, security and safety of the pipeline / network.


Streamline Operations and
Accelerate Decisions

The drive for improved energy efficiency, new building regulations and environmental factors (carbon footprint, corporate social responsibility) and the comfort and wellbeing of personnel has increasingly resulted in a need to understand how a building is operating and be able to respond to these changing requirements.

The IoT industry 4.0 revolution has enabled deployment of smart sensors, wireless communications , open standards and protocols, which have resulted in large amounts of “ big data” being generated.

This technology infrastructure has resulted in a large increase in the amount of available data on the building itself and the major assets operating within it. The challenge for building operators and owners is how to gain insights from the data and use those insights to help them to make more informed decisions across a range of functional and operational areas.

These functions include energy management, people comfort, safety and security within the offices / buildings and improved prediction of operational requirements across many aspects of the assets and applications required within the building as well energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint.


Streamline Operations and
Accelerate Decisions

Industry 4.0 describes a fundamental change to methods of working across many aspects of industry including manufacturing: It combines traditional production methods with state-of-the-art information and communication technology.

It is an innovative approach that uses advanced technologies to reinvent products and services from design and engineering to manufacturing and support, accelerating operational efficiency and enterprise-wide growth.

However recent reports show that Business has not embraced the innovative technologies as much as they could have.This digitalisation process is generating large amounts of data that needs to be analysed to provide insights on the underlying functionality and operations of the processes.

Adaptix has been built specifically to analyse the high volumes of data from robots, CNC machines and large rotating machinery, HVAc and other major assets.