Space Optimisation, Occupancy Evaluation
and Resident Analytics

By examining residential and workspace energy consumption, Adaptix helps utilities profile user habits, characterise their sources of consumption and forecast behavioural changes.

Inductive AI analysis

Adaptix analyses consumption and lighting data to induce the profile of habitants in households or residents in a workplace or customers in a commercial mall. This insight could be leveraged for internal marketing studies or for creating or improving customer-oriented services, increasing customer engagement and loyalty. These services may help customers achieve their energy objectives in the smart home – or even reach beyond energy related applications.

Presence prediction in households

Adaptix provides presence forecasts in households based on energy consumption analysis from smart meter data. Such analysis insights, provided under total respect of the privacy and anonymity rights, is aiming at improving delivery services and utility maintenance operations in the household level.

Workspace occupancy

Adaptix induces occupancy information for a working space, activity field, or commercial center, based on the energy consumption levels and patterns of the occupants of the space. Workspace occupancy insights help decision makers within big companies and the public sector to understand the pattern of life in such spaces, optimise the way they associate their real-estate assets to activities and improve the resources dispatch, maximizing the quality of services to citizens and occupants.

Smart meter and smart lighting compatibility

Adaptix occupant analytics are compatible with the majority of smart meters and smart lighting vendors in the market. The data acquisition is 100% ubiquitous and unobtrusive for the end clients, while the expenditure requirements in new sensors may go as little as 0€.

GDPR compatible

Adaptix’ insights are provided in a form that is conform with EU’s GDPR and respects the rights of privacy and anonymity.