Forecast of Production/Consumption

Adaptix forecasting tools helps anticipating multiple production/consumption scenarios at a variable grid scale and prediction time span. Adaptix allows grid operators to anticipate their future needs and schedule their reserves, as well as energy aggregators to achieve profitable trades and balance their asset portfolio.

Multi-scenario prediction

Adaptix’s multi-scenario predictive analytics tools allow energy managers in utilities and industrial plants – along with managers in energy trading departments – to consider alternative market forecasts and prognoses with different degrees of possibility.

Improve processes and increase profitability

The knowledge gained helps them install a long term energy procurement strategy, anticipate peaks in the price of electricity, reduce their overall costs, manage their energy stocks effectively and improve their operational workflow.

  • Exploit grid Data from DMS, IMS, MDMS, GIS, SCADA, and transformer meters, switchgear meters. Measure building energy consumption from smart meters, HVAC, etc.
  • Operational building data and current / historical weather data and forecasts.
  • EV stations data.
  • Asset management fault data.
  • Prediction of load upstream, downstream from production/consumption from the consumer up to the production line, at different points of the grid.
  • Identify patterns and anomalies in the data.
  • Predict energy peaks and potential faults.
  • Predict faults – support operator in recovery from fault.
  • Improve proactive maintenance.
  • Propose network reconfiguration and dynamic grid optimisation.
  • Predict asset lifespan.
  • Suggest grid expansion strategies including integration of renewables, EVs
    and data centers and industrial sites.
  • Improve network connectivity and sustainability.