Predictive Maintenance for Chillers,
Heaters and Pumps

The owners and operators of chillers, heaters and pumps are eager to apply predictive maintenance practices to their assets portfolio. Adaptix is capable of capturing slight anomalies of the energy consumption of the chiller, revealing early problems in performance caused by abnormal operation and predicting failures before they occur.

Towards smart alerting tools

Today’s Energy efficiency and management software (BEMs) for machines such as chillers, heaters and pumps suffer from a number of issues and are still not adequately monitored to allow for predictive maintenance. This is hard even in cases where sensors are installed and machine behaviour data is regularly collected, due to the complexity and volume of the data, the need of specialised engineers, as well as the lack of smart alerting tools that go beyond simple alerts/failures for pieces of equipment provided by SCADA systems.

Reduce false alerts

Use Adaptix to reduce the amount of false alerts compared to the software threshold based alerts without creating new false negatives.

Performance-based machinery rating and health evaluation

Go beyond the current capacity of the system to only detect increased energy consumption events and be capable of creating different alert types for various potential problems (failure of equipment, performance deficit, performance decline over the years, data acquisition, data quality problem).

Root-cause analysis

Adaptix provides a justification / root-cause for some of the above alerts. For instance, for the performance deficit alert, Adaptix should provide more information about the type (early increase/decrease of consumption, non-motivated consumption during night hours etc)

Self-learning mechanisms and early prescriptions

Adaptix is capable of being applied to brand new installations of the monitoring system with no historian, for instance in cases where as little as two months of data is available.