Detection of Anomalies and Hazardous Events
Affecting Gas Pipelines

Excavator and other types of attacks are among some of the major concerns for gas pipeline companies. Adaptix analyses in real time high frequency data from the pipeline and provides a reliable anomaly detection system from hazardous events, such as theft and excavator attacks.

Reliable, multi-modal event detection tools

By correlating high frequency data from vibration, sonar and CP (Cathodic Protection) voltage sensors neatly installed along the transmission or distribution pipelines, Adaptix offers a reliable anomaly detection system, able to detect and classify hazardous events within milliseconds.

Prevent environmental hazards & Decrease downtime

It takes a lot of time and effort to detect excavator attacks and complete repairs. This results in considerable costs, downtime of the pipeline and potential damage to the environment. Adaptix instantly detects such attacks and provides information about the type, the time and the location of the incident, allowing pipeline operators to intervene quickly and effectively, minimizing cost and side effects.

Avoid unresolved litigations and facilitate insurance policies

Any belated detection of such damages may hinder litigations or even block insurance reimbursement procedures, causing the utility to take this extraordinary cost of repairs.

Vastly reduce false alerts

The alerting algorithms of event detection systems in the market are threshold-based and not AI-powered, generating -in the best case- many false alerts. Such false alerts are the cause for shutting down the line, either due to company’s policy or regulation, costing both time and money to the utility. Adaptix AI-powered anomaly detection algorithms deal successfully with the complexity of the sensor data and the special signature of events such as excavator attacks. Adaptix succeeds in reducing false alerts to a minimum, while preserving true positives and recall at near 100%.

Enhancing SCADA hardware alerting system

Adaptix helps interpreting the hardware-related alerts generated by SCADA systems and evaluating whether they constitute a real attack or failure. Furthermore, Adaptix AI-powered anomaly detection algorithms vastly enhance the results by threshold-based alerting algorithms of known event detection solutions, minimizing false alerts to the minimum, while keeping the right balance between false positives and false negatives.

Self-learning and online continuous adaptation

Adaptix continues training itself after installation, adapting to the specificities of the pipeline and the evolution of the monitored parameters, and dealing effectively with phenomena such as sensor failure or sensor drift.

Low or zero cost for sensory equipment

Adaptix pipeline solutions are usually based on sensors that are already installed, or additional sensors that are affordable and can be installed easily, without any digging operations or downtime. Adaptix enhances sensor inputs through efficient pre-processing and AI tools.

Available as an API

Adaptix pipeline solutions are available through a REST API, allowing for a quick integration with SCADA and other 3rd party platforms and software of the pipeline operator.