Energy Management Tool

Adaptix helps building & energy managers to monitor up to 100,000 buildings simultaneously,
predict future consumption and automatically detect anomalies when they occur
with 99% accuracy.

Multi-modal AI analysis

Adaptix automates key aspects of building energy management, extracting building intelligence from regular electricity, water and gas meters to modern as well as highly equipped smart buildings with their advanced building meter and sensors setups.

Detect failures and over-consumption

Adaptix’s real-time forecast, anomaly detection and pattern analysis detect irregularities within milliseconds so managers can alert their clients before overcharges and fatal equipment failures impact.

Self-learning and scalability

Energy managers can exponentially scale the number of buildings monitored simultaneously while raising comfort levels for occupants.

Smart meter analytics

Adaptix AI-powered analytics are compatible with almost any smart meter in the market, enabling a number of energy management services such as consumption forecasts, over/under consumption detection, failure detection and PV optimisation. Costs and carbon footprints are lowered while services are improved without the need for further investment in sensor equipment.

Consumption forecasting

Adaptix forecasting tools correlate consumption data with environmental parameters to provide accurate consumption forecasts with a flexible time span (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).