State Estimator and Dynamic Grid Optimisation
for Distribution Electricity Networks

Through novel graph and electrical modelling algorithms, Sensewaves’ VirtualMDA technology leverages the already installed sensors to create virtual meters at non monitored points. Adaptix.Grid allows grid operators to leverage smart meters to improve service quality and save as much as 30% in operational cost with CAPEX investments as little as $0.

Full transparency of the
distribution grid

Real time monitoring and historical analysis of load and congestion for any asset of the grid: transformers, cables, cable boxes and switch gears. Adaptix.Grid continuously analyses data from smart meters installed at the consumer level to provide grid operators with end-to-end visibility into the flows on the upper layers and the corresponding congestion on the distribution layers of the grid.

State estimation with no
additional sensors

With the help of VirtualMDA, Adaptix.Grid accurately calculates the power load anytime and at any point of the grid, even in places where no metering equipment is installed, leveraging solely smart meter measurements from households and buildings.

Heat maps for grid performance, asset
health and cable energy losses

Understand in seconds the performance of the grid today or for a given period, track down the strong and weak spots, classify assets with respect to different forms of congestion, unravel the causes and find effective solutions thanks to data-driven insights.

Quantify machine stress and revisit
your risk management strategy

The conditions and the power load under which individual assets operate, greatly affect their life cycle. Improve lifespan projections in your risk management tools with data-driven congestion analysis, by substituting hypotheses with ground truth data and facts. Make safer lifespan estimations and improve the overall performance of your risk management models.

Enable predictive maintenance
for non-monitored equipment

Track down and evaluate the condition of ageing assets and take insightful actions to improve grid asset health KPIs. Reduce outage risk and minimize overall maintenance costs.

Rationalise investments in new assets

Use data driven insights to make and justify the investments and reconfigurations needed in the grid and ensure optimal grid operation.

Increase resiliency and performance through
interventions and asset reconfigurations

Use the insights for the use and congestion patterns for your assets to set priorities for network reconfiguration and new investments. Schedule interventions that ensure short and long term sustainability. Experience shows that that underlying cost and energy losses can be reduced by at least 20% each.

Exploit the power of your inventory and
reduce CAPEX expenditure

Leverage insights on ageing assets and instantly replace the more critical ones with assets that sit in your inventory and fit the requirements