Struggling with one use case? Short on data scientists? Looking to benchmark your machine learning results?

We help clients with their toughest analytics challenges. Our expertise includes numerous uses cases from energy, gas, turbines, and industrial assets. Let's see how Sensewaves can help you.

Feasibility Study for Data-driven

You have data in your repository but you don’t know if they can be of any use towards your goals?

Sensewaves can look into a fraction of the data and provide some first analysis results and assessment on whether the above goal is achievable through Adaptix or other AI algorithms.

This project will include identification of the relevant data parameters for this task, create necessary meta-descriptors and parameters from the original data and validate their suitability and adequacy for supporting the goals and objectives of the study.

Data Quality Assessment

Are you in the process of collecting tons of data that you would like to further exploit, but you can say little about their quality?

Sensewaves can perform a preliminary study and evaluate the quality of the data you collect or those you are about to collect in the future.

This project will provide you with all the necessary information about the data you collect and how reliable they are, as well as with insights about potential improvements.

Test & benchmark Sensewaves’
products with your data.

Do you want to make a quick Proof of Concept of Adaptix.AI or Adaptix.Grid for your use case?

Sensewaves can setup Adaptix for your data and make this proof of concept for you in no time. No need to stress about the different data processing stages: sensewaves will cleanse and, integrate data into Adaptix, and will iterate the analysis through multiple tests with different configurations for the Adaptix algorithms.

What you will get at the end is an Adaptix demo with your data, a performance report, as well as benchmarks with other algorithms of reference.

Get Data/AI-ready with Adaptix.Lake

Do you have data in your repository but they are not yet organised in a way that allows massive analysis and ML benchmarks?

Increase the productivity of your data people by at least 10x !

Sensewaves can set you up with Adaptix.Lake, our data lake solution for massive AI and ML analysis. With Adaptix.Lake, your engineers and data scientists will be able to share tons of data within a secured, optimised cloud repository, benchmark thousands of integrated ML/AI analysis algorithms in a blink of an eye and interact flawlessly, sharing results and insights.


Do you need to train your data scientists or engineers to use and exploit the full potential of the Adaptix products?

Sensewaves can offer training sessions directly or through our selected partners around the globe.


Is your data project not included above? Do you have a crazy project that you would like to test?

We are always in for tough scientific and business challenges. Just reach out to us and let us know about your project, we will be thrilled to hear you and see how we can be of help.